A Sunny Day

Wendy Sparkes

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In this wholesome Christian picture book, a young boy and girl learn to appreciate the world around them and find the good even in bad experiences.

A Sunny Day is the third book in the British series, Stop and Smell the Roses, which follows siblings Jude and Annie as they learn moral lessons from the Bible. Just before their family heads to the shore, Jude and Annie hear their neighbor lament that no one will stop and smell the roses. They think that she’s being literal and can’t understand why no one notices her lovely flowers. Daddy smiles at their innocent mistake and explains that “stop and smell the roses” means to appreciate what’s in front of you. Together with Mummy, they list things people can take for granted: trees, stars, family, “anything God has made for us to enjoy.” Mummy then gives the children scrapbooks so that they can collect pictures of things they value on the trip.

But as the trip begins, things don’t seem so wonderful. Before dawn, Annie falls off her camper bunk and lands with a thud. Now that everyone’s awake, they bundle up to watch the sun rise.

Daddy recites a Bible verse that says from sunrise to sunset the Lord’s name is to be praised, then explains to the kids that even if something bad occurs, God makes something good happen. Later, as the sun slips into the water, Daddy tells his children that if they make mistakes, God will forgive them if they say they’re sorry.

Though targeted for a Christian audience, the basic ideas here are universal: appreciate what you have, focus on the positive and make amends for your mistakes. While the illustrations have the flat, unsophisticated feel of computer clip art, they express well the love shared by the family. In all, this sweetly put story would serve nicely as a Sunday school primer.

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