A Piece of My Heart

K J Cherry

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In K.J. Cherry’s novel, Cass Fletcher is in her 40s, divorced with two grown sons, and living above her bookstore on Pelican Island, Australia. Three years prior, Cass’s husband left her, and she was beyond devastated. With the encouragement and help of a friend, she moved to the idyllic, small town island to start a new life. Over time, Cass’s emotional wounds have healed somewhat and she is content in the company of her books and friendly (if somewhat nosy) neighbors.

Cass’s pleasant routine is shattered when an American movie is filmed on the island and the handsome, charming, and roguish star, Louis Jensen, comes into her shop. They spend a memorable 24 hours together, but filming ends and both Cass and Louis must return to their own lives. However, they soon realize that neither are able to forget that single day that could change their lives forever.

While the plot is that of a thoughtful, sweeping romance, the book is a little slow to get started, and some details and characters seem unnecessary. The story of Cass’s friend Nell, for example, did not seem to be an integral part of the plot. However, as the novel moves on, it flows easily through the months, highlighting and connecting important events in the characters’ lives.

The characters themselves are interesting and engaging. Readers cannot help being drawn to the kind, intelligent, and beautiful Cass. She shows such strength of character, as well as very relatable human weaknesses. Louis is the perfect, dashing bad-boy, complete with his penchant for drink, drugs, and women.

A Piece of My Heart is a story of healing, self-discovery, betrayal and forgiveness. Despite its flaws, it is a lovely romance about an unlikely couple that must decide if they are willing to risk their hearts for the possibility of a happily-ever-after.

Also available in hardover and ebook.

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