A Guide to the Narrow Path: Walking with Yahweh

Edward Monjay

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A Guide to The Narrow Path opens with a dire warning: “You will have to make a decision after reading this book…Yahweh (God) will judge you based on your response.” But author Edward Monjay assures that he has the best intentions for his readers—namely to bring Christian apostates back into the fold.

To do this, Monjay offers readers explanations of Scripture and practical recommendations on how to live a more spiritual, Yahweh-centered life. The book explores wide-ranging topics, including “true repentance, true salvation, proving Saturday is still the Sabbath, marriage issues, thought provoking sayings, apostle Peter’s view into Hell, preparing your Soul to hear Yahweh, ways Satan tempts us,” and many others.

However, its true focus concerns the misuse of God’s name by Christians. God’s proper name, the author points out, is the Hebrew word Yahweh; Jesus’s name is Yahshua. To refer to the Almighty and his Son any other way is disrespectful and a form of idol worship, he posits. Case in point: Christians near-ubiquitous use of the word “God.” Monjay argues that this moniker is actually a form of “Gad” or “Gawd,” pagan deities. Hence, Christians have been worshiping not Yahweh, but demons for hundreds of years.

This is a controversial idea, as are others proffered by the author. But it’s the writing that makes this book most problematic. While some of Monjay’s lines are simple, straightforward, and profound (e.g., “Repentance is not a feeling but a condition of the soul”), others are confusing. Awkward sentences, grammatical problems, and redundancies too often muddy the sacred waters, so to speak, and weaken the author’s authority. (e.g., “Without the Spirit of Truth must there be for them to truly find the truth in life.” Or, “Of [sic] you love anything in this world, then any prayers and love for Yahweh is in vain.”)

While many Christians may find Monjay’s thesis interesting, his book needs serious editing to hone and clarify his message and mission.

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