A Glimpse of the Kingdom

Ron Mosby

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What is the Kingdom of God in the New Testament and why is it important? Those two questions are at the heart of Ron Mosby’s thoughtful examination of this basic tenet of the Christian faith.

In a series of short, easy-to-read chapters broken into sub-sections, the author unpacks the Gospels as well as the writings of St. Paul to “give the reader a peek, or glimpse” into Jesus’ teaching about kingship (God’s rule over his creation) and covenant (the agreement between God and humanity). Yet, as Mosby explains, this book is not simply a theological investigation but a way of piercing “the hearts of those who are seeking to understand the Lord God in a much deeper way.”

Mosby provides concise scriptural background information about Christian beliefs and dedicates serious attention to an examination of eight parables of Jesus. He argues his points logically and succinctly, carrying his main idea—that the kingdom of God is best understood spiritually and through spiritual experience—to its logical conclusion: namely, that the reign of God must be embraced first in our interior life, before it can bear fruit in our deeds and actions.

The author is an energetic and astute writer with a knack for presenting sometimes amorphous ideas in a concrete way. Case in point: one of his most interesting chapters discusses the Old Testament, connecting the intricate promises God made to Abraham and Israel to the Jesus story of 1st century Palestine. The last chapter offers lessons for readers on how to embrace the Kingdom of God in their own lives.

The book requires editing to clean up some repetitive language, e.g., the overuse of single words like “kingdom” (which, for example, appears ten times in paragraph 1 on page 1). Nonetheless, A Glimpse of the Kingdom is a readable and accessible introduction for Christians looking to explore basic ideas of salvation history.

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