65+ – Gateway to Sexual Adventure

Herb Hirata

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“Don’t get comfortable, get excited,” extols author Herb Hirata, who has written this sexual how-to book for seniors. After all, as the author suggests, what better use for retirement’s spare time than to enjoy “slow, leisurely, relaxed, comfortable, extended periods of wonderful sex?”

Since a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, reports more than half of seniors ages 65 to 74 still enjoy carnal pleasures, there’s clearly an audience for Hirata’s subject. But how the author presents the information is likely to impede his ability to reach that audience.

Not shy in his approach, the author dives into a big splash of sexual topics, everything from female ejaculation (or “squirting”), mutual masturbation, dildos, massage and erogenous zones, to the vibrating clitoral pump, orgasmic highs and so much more. There’s nothing wrong in conveying a range of knowledge, but the way Hirata shares it makes his book feel tawdry.

First, Hirata’s language is frequently off-color. For example, when describing Alfred Kinsey’s famous experiments, he writes: “Simply said, the couples masturbated and screwed.” Or when describing his own sexual prowess: “I’m in my early 70s and I masturbate at least once or twice a week to keep my penis from getting too limp and falling off.” Secondly, although the book is generously illustrated with graphic photographs and line drawings, they’re executed crudely, making the visuals a double whammy of bad taste.

Hirata’s motives to turn on the erogenous zones of seniors may be well-intentioned, but there’s little joy in his sexual manual. Although he suggests readers “Take my hand and join me on this fun journey,” it’s probably a better idea to explore the beauty of sexual pleasures with a more eloquent companion.

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