10 Steps to Help You Get On With Your Life

Mary Dunbar

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Equal parts self-help and biography, 10 Steps to Help You Get On With Your Life, offers proactive, faith-filled tactics for approaching life’s daily hardships.

Encouraging readers to delve deeper into biblical scriptures and practices, author Mary Dunbar guides her audience in a 10-step process to overcoming life’s challenges, beginning with prayer. Step 1 is titled “Pray to God for Help.” Dunbar suggests the key to getting on with your life starts with praying fervently and continually—while also understanding God doesn’t immediately answer prayers. She lends a poetry-style prayer to begin the practice, which she does again in later steps.

Step 2 urges readers to “Read the Bible Regularly. Step 3, piggybacking off the two previous steps, suggests you “Work in Harmony with Your Prayers.” She notes that the Bible (James 2:26) describes faith as a partner to work and cites the examples of applying to the job you’re praying for; working out, if you pray to lose weight, etc.

Steps 4 to 10 are equally easy-to-follow, with suggestions like “Associate with Those Who Have Common Goals as You Do” and “Quit Procrastinating.” Overall, Dunbar offers trackable steps to entice readers into a congenial relationship with God, while not isolating non-believers or atheists.

Interspersed with the steps are examples from Dunbar’s life. For example, she describes when her father, whom she refers to as “a weekend drinker,” suddenly quit drinking, whether due to her mother’s or father’s answered prayers. She notes that, similarly, God can answer prayers for readers when they take the suggested steps.

The advice offered here is hardly original, but the author writes with a calm and reassuring voice, and readers can always use reminders of such commonsense ideas. Dunbar’s book leans towards Christians who believe in God, although it can benefit anyone. It could serve as a source of tough love and comfort during the pandemic and onward.

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