10 Guidelines on How to Receive From God

Larry Ellerbee

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In this how-to manual for receiving blessing, Larry Ellerbee couples his premise—if we behave thus and so, we shall receive from God—with the caution that receiving is not automatic simply because the believer believes. The believer must also love, obey, and live a holy life, for example.

With a broad sweep of his pen (“If you will follow the Guidelines [sic] in this book, God will bless you in every area of your life”), the author presents his views for receiving from God. Based on scripture and 25 years of personal experience, Ellerbee’s ideas sound appealing. But some statements are hungry for more Biblical support (“God wants you to have the best things in life, new car, new house, clothes, food on the table, anything that you need…Just ask him!”). Furthermore, the foundational principle to understanding how to receive from God is buried in Chapter 5 with little explanation: “When it comes to your healing, money, loves one’s saved [sic], deliverance, or whatever it is, you have to believe the Word of God the same way you believe God for salvation.”

Containing typos and grammatical errors, the book lacks clear outline and sharp focus. Scripture is lost in font the same size as the text, and the book overuses underlined words in bold print for emphasis. Financial prosperity (as compared to prosperity in health or relationships) is a bit over-emphasized.

Even so, Ellerbee’s desire to have his audience become successful is evident, and he urges his readers to study for themselves. From that viewpoint, while the book doesn’t flow as smoothly as it should, readers may find this small volume a jumping-off point to personal Bible study.

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