January 10, 2024

Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Writer Should Embrace

By Paul Goat Allen

A new year is the perfect time to set some new goals, or establish better habits that will improve and enrich your life. Writers, in particular, are very much goal-oriented, self-motivated people who thrive on setting lofty goals and striving to achieve them. For those of you hoping to make […]


August 6, 2018

Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!: children’s picture books

By Madeleine Dodge

“Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!” is part of a series of BlueInk Review blogs offering advice and insight into self-published writers’ most common errors, as seen in the more than 6,000 reviews of self-published books that we have provided since our inception in 2011.  Below, we have compiled excerpts […]


March 29, 2016

Promoting your mystery book on social media: a newbies’ guide

by Graham Dickson

You did it, your book is finished!  It’s a moment worthy of celebration. But if you have dreams of finally setting your laptop aside for awhile, it’s time to think again: In today’s book world, the reality is that you’ll be busier than ever, looking for online ways to […]