June 5, 2017

Looking for an editor? First, know what type of editing you need

By BlueInk Staff

Everybody needs an editor.

If you’re self publishing your book, you’ve probably heard this 1,000 times, and it’s true. Editors can help improve your book immeasurably. But what you haven’t heard 1,000 times is that not everybody needs the same kind of editor. Editors provide different services, depending on what sort […]


August 5, 2016

The Real Cost of Self-Publishing: Carrie Dickie

By Morgan Mackey

“The Real Cost of Self-Publishing” is an ongoing blog where we ask a self-publishing author to break down his or her expenses, in order to give others an idea of the costs involved in creating a successful book. Today, we talk to Carrie Dickie, author of “Network Marketing: The View From Venus.” […]


July 11, 2016

6 ways authors go wrong writing their memoirs

By BlueInk Review

You’ve lived an interesting and full life – and now you want to leave a legacy. It’s time to write your memoirs.

This is a laudable goal, and many, many authors have amazing stories to tell. But too often, they don’t deliver the sort of book readers at […]


February 10, 2016

Romantic and sexy reads for Valentine’s Day

By Irene Sanders Celebrate the month of love with BlueInk Review!  From fiction to self-help, these titles offering both sweetness and spice are guaranteed to make your February a memorable one.

Molly Takes the Cake by the Taylor Sisters: This delightfully charming romance revolves around bakery-owner Molly, who has been waiting patiently for long-distance […]


January 19, 2016

4 lessons indie authors can learn from Donald Trump

By BlueInk Review

Donald Trump might be the most polarizing figure in American politics since King George raised the price of tea. But there’s one thing we can all agree on:  The man knows how to get publicity. Boatloads of it.

Whatever you think about Trump and his ideas, there is much that self-publishers can […]


November 17, 2015

7 sure-fire ways to spot a fake review

By Graham Dickson

Sites of booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble feature countless consumer reviews — some legitimately written by objective third parties; others written by family and friends, and even by mills that pump out phony positive reviews for $5 a pop. Recently, Amazon has begun to take action against the authors of […]