October 21, 2020

10 “Must Read” Indie Novels Perfect for Halloween

By Paul Goat Allen

Growing up and now living back in Upstate New York, I’ve always loved Halloween. The temperatures drop, the leaves on the trees turn kaleidoscopic colors, and the air smells like ripe apples and cinnamon sticks. Yeah, there’s the trick-or-treating and the gluttonous consumption of candy afterwards but seeking out and […]


June 3, 2013

How do traditionally published authors complete the sentence: “Self publishing is…”? Their answers might surprise you

By BlueInk Review Guest Blogger, Paul Goat Allen

I thought it would be interesting to ask a bunch of established authors — writers who have found some semblance of commercial and/or critical success through traditional publishing — to finish this simple open-ended statement “Self publishing is…” to see if there were any prevailing responses […]