June 12, 2015

BlueInk Review announces great summer reads!

By Ali Correll

Looking for a new contemporary romance, memoir, mystery — or other unique read — to fill up those long, lazy summer hours? Why not support an indie author at the same time?  At BlueInk Review, we’ve culled our favorite titles of the year from the hundreds of books we’ve reviewed and put […]


June 10, 2015

At Your Service: a primer on printing with Mike Daniels

By Rachel L’Heureux

“At Your Service” is an ongoing blog series in which we interview representatives from the many companies and resources that exist to assist self-publishers.

Today we speak with Mike Daniels about the printing services various companies provide.

Daniels has spent the last two decades in book publishing, focused primarily on book […]


May 27, 2015

The Real Cost of Self-Publishing: Dr. Nancy Saltzman

By Jordan Nieusma

“The Real Cost of Self-Publishing” is an ongoing blog where we ask a self-publishing author to break down his or her expenses, in order to give others an idea of the costs involved in creating a successful book. Today, we talk to Dr. Nancy Saltzman, author of “Radical Survivor.”

Saltzman’s nonfiction memoir […]


February 19, 2015

Ten must-read self-published urban fantasy novels

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of blogs by highly respected genre critic Paul Goat Allen that highlights stellar, not-to-be-missed titles by self-published authors in various genres.

By Paul Goat Allen

Although the paranormal fantasy boom has most definitely ended in traditional publishing—after an unprecedented Golden Age that lasted almost two […]


August 20, 2013

Five simple ways to promote your self-published book

By BlueInk Guest Blogger, Paul Goat Allen

I recently wrote a blog about things self-published authors should be absolutely sure of before pushing the final button—and one of those items was having some semblance of a marketing plan. How are you going to promote your work? What are you going to do to increase […]


June 19, 2013

Too good to bury: an interview with David Oppegaard

By BlueInk Review guest blogger, Paul Goat Allen

Although David Oppegaard is undeniably an extraordinary writer — his debut novel “The Suicide Collectors,” published in 2008 by St. Martin’s Press, is one of the most disturbing and singularly unique works of apocalyptic fiction I’ve ever read — his experience navigating the publishing gauntlet is […]