June 1, 2021

Why Your Novel Needs a Strong Cover Blurb

By Paul Goat Allen

There are several reasons why most traditionally published novels you pick up have a blurb prominently featured on the front or back cover. The addition of a strong blurb—an endorsement by a person of note (a well-known author or expert) or an excerpt from a professional book review—immediately establishes a perceived […]


July 6, 2011

Can any of us be Amanda Hocking?

Mention Amanda Hocking’s name to a group of writers and just watch the dreamy look that comes over their faces. Hocking may be the one who fueled her career by selling her inexpensive self-published ebooks online and amassing thousands of fans and millions of dollars, but it’s really the dreams of all the rest of us that have, once again, been ignited.