February 10, 2016

Romantic and sexy reads for Valentine’s Day

By Irene Sanders

Celebrate the month of love with BlueInk Review!  From fiction to self-help, these titles offering both sweetness and spice are guaranteed to make your February a memorable one.

Molly Takes the Cake by the Taylor Sisters: This delightfully charming romance revolves around bakery-owner Molly, who has been waiting patiently for long-distance love Jared to marry her. But when Phil, one of Molly’s regular customers, needs a date to a wedding and Molly agrees to pose as his girlfriend, the story takes a different turn. Wonderfully expressive writing, captivating characters, and a richly constructed story make this perfect for any romance fan.  Read review.

angelinas_secret-190x280Angelina’s Secret, by Diane Merrill Wigginton: Historical romance meets Stockholm Syndrome in this thrilling tale about Lady Angelina Stewart, who finds herself attracted to the pirate captain who has taken the ship on which she’s traveling hostage. Wigginton combines vivid imagery, plot surprises, and striking characters to create a rich, beautiful story. Read review.

That Crazy Little Thing, by Kate Bracy:Single-mother Melanie has her hands full juggling a rebellious teenage daughter, a full-time job and her uneasy sense that the pain in her best friend’s abdomen is more than just normal medical issues. What she doesn’t know is how her love for her friend and her friend’s son will change her in significant ways – and that romantic love potentially awaits as well. Pitch-perfect character development, coupled with a story infused with confidence and humor, adds up to a breezy, women’s read that also has heart and depth. Read review.

The Summoning,by Hemenway Stephens:Consisting of two overlapping erotic novellas, The Summoning begins with the story of a wealthy lord’s daughter and her lucrative sexual exploits in 19th century England; the second novella transitions to present-day Ohio and the life of Melissa Marley as she finds the manuscript of the first novella and, through it, discovers her own sexual potential. Explicit, hot, intelligent, and funny.  Read review.

The Single Gal’s Guide to Shopping for a Great Guy by Tiffany Yvonne Grant: Grant delivers fresh perspective on waiting for Mr. Right in her fun, energetic book that compares dating to various shopping situations.  Grant expertly uses analogies to address topics such as virginity (don’t let strangers rummage through your precious purse!), safe dating (stores close at nine; no shopping after hours!), and not settling for just any guy (don’t fall for 90%-off coupons for damaged goods). With an infectious, joyful spirit, the book is sure to be passed enthusiastically from girlfriend to girlfriend. Read review.

Exploring Sex, Love and Lust by Clive Peters:Peters combines his interest in medical research and sexual relations to cover a wide range of subjects related to intimacy, intercourse and romance: from the anatomical, to the psychological, to the sexual. While graphic, the content is informative, mature, and direct.  This is straightforward sex explained with a personal touch, guaranteed to satisfy those looking for basic knowledge on the topic.Read review.

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