July 31, 2019

The Real Cost of Self-Publishing: Michelle Zellner

By Jenna Bellar

“The Real Cost of Self-Publishing” is an ongoing blog where we ask an independently published author to break down his or her expenses, in order to give others an idea of the costs involved in creating a successful book. Today, we talk to Michelle Zellner, author of “The YOU Revolution”.

Before […]


July 16, 2019

Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!: Poetry

By Kiana Marsan

“Oh, the Mistakes We’ve Seen!” is part of a series of BlueInk Review blogs offering advice and insight into self-published writers’ most common errors, as seen in the more than 6,000 reviews of self-published books that we have provided since our inception in 2011. Below, we have compiled excerpts from our […]


July 11, 2019

Ten tips for pitching your book to newspaper or magazine editors

By Patti Thorn

If you’re looking for publicity for your self-published book, chances are you’ve considered phoning or emailing the editor of a newspaper, magazine or online publication and suggesting an interview. But editors are a touchy lot, and the wrong approach can kill the deal before it’s even on the table. […]


June 19, 2019

Promoting your New Adult book on social media: a newbie’s guide

You did it, your book is finished!  It’s a moment worthy of celebration. But if you have dreams of finally setting your laptop aside for awhile, it’s time to think again: In today’s book world, the reality is that you’ll be busier than ever, looking for online ways to market your book. This is […]


January 8, 2019

Make these New Year’s resolutions for your indie book!


By BueInk Review

It’s the New Year: time to reset the clock, refresh your attitude, recalibrate your approach to your life’s goals. In other words, it’s time for a few resolutions to get you headed in the right direction — especially when it comes to your self-published book.

At BlueInk Review, we’ve seen thousands […]


November 8, 2018

How not to write a sequel

By Stephen Evans

Many books these days are sequels, often part of a series. As I have recently discovered, writing a sequel is a very different experience from writing a standalone book.

Over the last four years or so, I have been working on a sequel to my first novel The Marriage of True […]


October 9, 2018

6 reasons to join an independent publishing group

By Madeleine Dodge

Self-publishing your book can make you feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Lost and alone, you spend futile days on the Internet trying to find the best printers, editors and designers—and wondering if anyone is out there who can help. If you’ve resorted to naming your manuscript “Wilson,” it’s time […]


October 1, 2018

At Your Service: book shepherding with Judith Briles

By Camilla Sterne

 “At Your Service” is an ongoing blog where we ask a self-publishing industry professional to describe his or her services, in order to help self publishers understand the intricacies of each step in the self-publishing process.

Today, Judith Briles shares with us an insider’s perspective on the concept of the book […]


August 27, 2018

Amazon 101: The Detail Page

By Madeleine Dodge

Are you an Amazon author looking for a way to track your sales, connect with readers, and ultimately sell more books? You may think that once your book is posted, your work is finished. But think again! There is more you can do to manage and market your book. […]