July 6, 2011

Can any of us be Amanda Hocking?

Mention Amanda Hocking’s name to a group of writers and just watch the dreamy look that comes over their faces. Hocking may be the one who fueled her career by selling her inexpensive self-published ebooks online and amassing thousands of fans and millions of dollars, but it’s really the dreams of all the rest of us that have, once again, been ignited.


June 13, 2011

No. 1 reason reviewers trash self-published books

Among the stack of books on my study floor, there’s a children’s book with one page written entirely stream of consciousness. There’s a memoir with typos and grammatical errors on the back cover copy. There’s a nonfiction book that uses the past and present tenses interchangeably.


May 2, 2011

Author’s temper tantrum good lesson for writers

When an author received a bad review from a blogger, she threw a temper tantrum online that went viral. Now her fit is nearly as famous as the punch Snooki took to the jaw on “Jersey Shore.” BlueInk’s Patti Thorn wonders: Is that any way to launch a writing career?


December 30, 2010

Frank talk about fees

We realize that fee-based reviews are a new way of approaching reviews and are bound to stir up controversy. Here are the many reasons ours is a business model you can trust.


December 9, 2010

The view from here looks grand

We are gloriously, happily, finally live — and the emotion, I imagine, must be similar to how those who built the Eiffel Tower felt when they put that last steel girder in place: Ah! Finally, time to relax and survey the view! It’s a grand view, indeed, one that started with a simple conversation about the publishing world…