Your Heart is the Master

Sandra Diaz

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In her second book, Sandra Diaz continues to address methods of healing for people she counsels as psychotherapist and readers at large. Her stated purpose is “to delve further into the main principle of how to change your experience, by making your heart the master and the mind your servant.”

The author writes authoritatively from her experiences, including four lucid dreams and contacts from the dead, such as hearing her friend’s voice through the radio. She concludes “that there is but a thin veil between this world and the next.” Her research into quantum physics, consciousness, transcendental meditation, near-death experiences, and the “sacred medicine wheel” of Native Americans lends credibility to her approach to healing.

The author discusses one’s position in relation to God: “you carry in your heart the light of God.” She urges readers to move “into your heart” away from the mind and recommends intentional listening, creating “a judgment-free zone” and practicing feeling gratitude. These steps lead to being “able to express your beingness” and to positive core beliefs that have the power to heal emotional trauma over time.

The book’s strength is in the case studies of clients Diaz has helped. For example, Henry was able to move on in his life after several communications from his deceased wife, Evelyn, through the author.

However, readers of New Age works will find most of the ideas here well-worn. Some may also be skeptical of the author’s over-reliance on Glenda Green’s (1999) Love without End: Jesus Speaks, in which Green attributes many words to “Christ” from a series of conversations she claims she had with him.

The book is also repetitive. For example, Diaz defines and re-defines the “adamantine particles” (“the particles that the entire universe is made of”) in various ways throughout.

Those already well-steeped in New Age philosophy will find few fresh ideas here. Readers new to such ideas, however, may discover helpful techniques to healing within these pages.

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