Your Good Work Habits Toolbox: Crafting the Skills Now That Will Transform Your Career and Elevate Your Organizational Value

Beck Besecker

Publisher: Amplify Publishing Pages: 152 Price: (hardcover) $28.00 ISBN: 9781645437338 Reviewed: May, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

Over his career, tech startup founder Beck Besecker has learned a wide range of tactics to improve his work performance and workplace culture, which he recognizes for the important assets they are. This offering comprises a collection of his tips and tricks for success.

Good work habits aren’t taught in schools, Besecker notes, so how can employees be expected to learn them on their own? Thus, he has compiled Your Good Work Habits Toolbox, organizing his tips into four chapters: “Good Personal Process Habits, “Good Communication Habits,” “Good People Habits,” and “Good Culture Habits.” Additionally, attention is given to the challenges of working in a team that is newly adjusting to a remote or hybrid environment.

The author offers helpful tips here and there; for example, he underscores the importance of “grit”: “[G]rit is the belief that there is always a way forward. And if not forward, then over, around, under, between, across, or if necessary, straight though… Grit is the mental fortitude to … find creative solutions when they aren’t immediately evident.” He also notes that bosses greatly appreciate employees who “carry” their own stress, rather than oversharing with others.
Unfortunately, the narrative frequently jumps around; at one point, the author goes directly from a concrete tip on project management to abstract thoughts on developing good judgment. Big and small topics are given equal weight and space, and advice on small procedural topics precede advice on major career-changing goal-setting, with no distinction made in importance. The “habits” are only loosely strung together, making for a frustrating read.

In the introduction, Besecker notes that the book was collated over a decade from blog posts written for his team at Marxent, the company he founded and leads. The result reflects this, feeling like an unorganized compilation of messages from a leader to his team.

As such, this would make a good corporate gift for Marxent employees but is unlikely to find a wide external readership.

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