Your Destiny is Inside You: Be Your Own Guiding Light

Ana Pat; translated by Rob Pagett and Aleksandra Oszmianska-Pagett

Publisher: Ana Pat Pages: 201 Price: (paperback) $10.99 ISBN: 9781698908267 Reviewed: February, 2021 Author Website: Visit »

Polish writer Ana Pat offers spiritual wisdom in Your Destiny is Inside You.

Pat has racked up more than a lifetime of accomplishments. He writes that he has traveled to seven continents, taken expeditions to the highest mountains and to the North and South Poles, is an artist and meditator who taught meditation in Nepal and India, was the founder and supervisor of an addiction center, was named “Businessman of the Year” and received the award of honorary consul.

Yet, Pat also writes that he is “Currently homeless,” noting that “Today I derive the greatest joy from small things, unnoticeable in everyday life, from contact with other people, and an appreciation of the little things that might have seem insignificant to others but are of the highest value to me.” He has attained freedom from anxiety, fear and resentment and embraced the realization that we’re alive to be in love—not with an individual, but with everyone and everything on earth, particularly nature.

In these pages, Pat expounds on his spiritual outlook, offering chapters on energy, consciousness, love, freedom and responsibility, as well as a hefty appendix on meditation. Throughout, he includes a host of adages, such as: “Your destiny depends on your thoughts.” “It’s not the world or those around you that make you happy or unhappy. It’s your thoughts that do this.” “Adversity teaches wisdom, success takes it away.” And, “You have to say goodbye to the past, not because it is bad but because it is dead.”

The author covers dense ground in just under 200 pages of text, and long paragraphs in block form can seem daunting to the eyes; readers will need to allow time to slowly work through each chapter before moving onto the next. Also, much of his information will be highly familiar to regular readers of New Age works.

Nonetheless, those new to these ideas will find food for thought in these pages.

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