You Must Be Born Again…The only way back

Joy E. Addo-Noble

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In the Christian tradition, to be “born again” is to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to undergo a spiritual rebirth by accepting wholeheartedly Jesus Christ as one’s true love and savior. It is a highly charged experience, one that is often hard to describe in words.

In You Must Be Born Again, Joy E. Addo-Noble, a wife and mother of four, makes a valiant attempt, writing on the importance of surrendering one’s life to Christ, to embrace something “more precious than all the treasures of the world put together.” For the author, “salvation to be born again is when the soul in captivity is released through the word of God heard.” This release is a movement out of spiritual slavery toward the Promised Land of union with God Almighty.

Addo-Noble’s passion for her material is apparent in every page of her short book. Unfortunately, there are a number of grammatical problems, misused words, and uneven syntax in You Must Be Born Again. For example, “Again born-again is likened to an athlete who got an invitation to participate in an Olympic game, it doesnt [sic] mean he has automatically worn [sic] the olympics [sic], it just means he has a chance to win by working it out.” The narrative is in need of professional editing to be more readable.

That being said, her message—to turn away from things such as earthly possessions and focus one’s attention exclusively on God—will strike a note of urgency for believers.

The author opens her book with the quote: “Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Sometimes the truth of experience transcends words, an issue the author struggles with throughout her slim volume. Still, although a number of issues in this book would need to be addressed before recommending it to a wide audience, Addo-Noble’s sincerity rings out in earnest.

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