You Know Him

Sonya Smith

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Being told that a story about a sexual escapade is true or based in truth can add a layer of fascination and possibly titillation to the reading experience. You Know Him purports to be a true account of a high-end escort’s sexual adventures. Its tales read like letters to Penthouse magazine, but that’s not a criticism: Readers looking for something hot and spicy will love this raunchy romp.

Author Sonya Smith’s stories are cleanly crafted with a sexual story arc: All the climaxes here are literal. She describes threesomes with a member of New Zealand’s Parliament and a male escort, indulging a retired professor’s Biblical slave girl fetish, and other tales that may well be true but have the whiff of fantasy about them. The title is meant to warn readers that any man may be a potential client.

Smith claims to love her work, but some incidents in the book are troubling. In one case, a client is caught in flagrante delicto by his wife, and Smith’s only response is to laugh and run away. In another — in a chapter titled “The Dwarf in the Wardrobe” —the author allows a little person to pay to watch her with a client from a hiding place, but doesn’t tell that client; when he finds out, things turn unpleasant. She describes her clients with derision; they’re all too fat or skinny or old, and their fantasies seem to arouse nothing but her scorn. (Whether male readers appreciate this attitude is likely to depend on their own fetishes surrounding sex.)

You Know Him nevertheless delivers several very explicit stories that readers who like erotica might enjoy. As often as not, they begin with a phone call and end with a satisfied customer promising to return. Don’t expect to learn anything about the day-to-day lives of sex workers here, but readers in the mood for some steamy tales have come to the right place.

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