Wisdom for Today Along Recovery Lane

John Stiemke

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This book’s subtitle explains it best: Wisdom For Today is a collection of 366 daily readings designed to help those in recovery maintain their focus and sobriety.

Each reading has three sections: “Wisdom for Today” are practical reminders about some aspects of recovery, such as the need to surrender control and maintain humility; “Meditations for the Heart” affirm positive intentions for the day ahead (“I will try to grow a little each day”) or asks questions (“Do I read program literature and discuss it with others regularly?”); and “Petitions to my Higher Power” are just that — daily prayers of thanks and for continued success.

Wisdom For Today was written by an addiction counselor and relapse prevention specialist. He clearly knows his way around and through the famous twelve steps and has tailored the messages here to be most useful to those who are new to recovery. Questions like, “How willing am I to sit in a meeting and listen to the same things over and over again?” speak to the newcomer directly. Those not in recovery might find the messages here repetitive, and they are; however, that’s in keeping with a commitment to focus on sobriety for only “one day at a time,” and helps refresh that desire each day.

There are several existing daily readers oriented toward those in recovery (including one that famously targeted “women who do too much”). Wisdom For Today can potentially be of use to anyone, but its real strength is in welcoming those new to the program to drop their guards and begin the healing journey to sobriety.

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