Who Do I Say I Am?: Twelve Steps to Knowing Yourself, Being Yourself, and Expressing Yourself

Naomi Somone

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Naomi Somone’s Who Do I Say I Am? offers self-help from a multi-faceted perspective structured in a 12-step program similar to that of A.A. and Celebrate Recovery. Her focus, however, is not on addiction, but rather on living life to its fullest potential through the renewing of one’s mind.

Somone’s 12 steps are reflected in her chapter titles, such as: “It’s All Necessary, So Forgive About It,” “Goodbye Fear,” “People Pleaser No More,” “Just Be; Meditate.” She guides readers through each step using affirmations, Bible verses, famous quotes, illustrative fables, portions of her personal journey, and questions for readers to meditate on, concluding each chapter with a challenge, such as: “I challenge you to see yourself as wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God. You can be true to the image.” At every “step” along the pathway to enlightenment, she reminds readers that “God is everything, all the time and is always good.”

The author has a compelling, encouraging writing style. Most readers will find her guidance helpful in some way, even if they don’t embrace the entire plan. For instance, Step 5, addressing forgiveness, uses the fascinating account of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his jealous older brothers. Years later, instead of seeking revenge against his brothers, Joseph chose to forgive them and restore the broken relationship. Somone makes the point that everything that happens is a necessary part of God’s intention to work in our lives for good.

Although Somone mentions it directly only once, it seems likely that her worldview is largely influenced by the teachings of the Unity church which considers all humans as gods, born with a divine nature. Therefore, the possibilities for self-actualization are endless, and the path to fulfillment is closely tied to the power of positive thinking. Because of these less conventional spiritual beliefs, the book would not appeal to conservative Christian believers. Others, will find much to appreciate in these pages.

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