Whispered Words


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Whispered Words by Prima, a mother and grandmother who was born in 1961, is a collection of religious poems that are generally positive — sometimes to the point of being ecstatic. The book’s cover depicts a bright white light bursting through the clouds, approaching the viewer head on. The clouds and the dark blue background add to the ethereal mood.

Although much of the language seems to be standard spiritual fare referring to faith and trust in “Him,” as well as love, power, glory and strength, there are several moments throughout the book that achieve an interesting specificity. The most striking of these is in the poem “Seekers,” which contains a surprising and effective simile: “I leap into the world like a leopard, swift and agile / to hold on to the empowerment of the supreme.”

Other poems in the book recall the ardent tone of medieval mystics. The poem “Sincere love” is a love letter to God with all the innocent passion of a child: “Touch me in my heart my Lord / And set me free. / My life withers away waiting to see you / The existence of energy that is so powerful. / I pray to you at night and all through the day.”

Those looking for stories, vivid imagery and detail, or any notion of doubt will not find them in Whispered Words. Readers should also be aware that the book has grammar and copyediting issues and occasional format inconsistencies (a few poems are in bold, while the rest are in regular type, and one entry is in bold caps for no obvious reason) that can be distracting.

Even so, readers who enjoy spiritual poetry and want to contemplate an eventual reunion with a loving god will find plenty of companionship in this slender volume.

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