What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You: Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog

Dr. Stephanie Krol

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In What the Pet Food Industry is Not Telling You, Dr. Stephanie Krol imparts valuable information on how to keep dogs heathy with a raw food diet.

Krol was dismayed when her beloved Jack Russell terrier, Winston, became sick and several veterinarians said he would die without surgery. Krol, who has a doctorate in education, began researching his problem and ended up switching his diet — until he didn’t need surgery after all. She had saved Winston’s life by changing his diet, which led her to write her this book.

A pet health and wellness coach, Krol explains the research behind her idea of switching dogs to a raw food diet. “What your dog eats is either preventative care or disease-creating. There is no neutral ground. Every bite matters for humans and dogs,” she writes.

She breaks down popular raw food diets, suggesting that people switch their dogs to single-category, rotational feeding. That means one day of eating meat only, then one day of just vegetables, etc. She also recommends a day of fasting, which mimics the diets of wolves in the wild.

Passionate about the subject, Krol manages to be conversational and convincing at the same time and delivers copious information, including interesting facts like, “your dog has stomach acid that is over ten times more potent than what us humans have.”

The book offers solid ideas about how owners can switch their dogs’ diets, but it would have been even stronger had Krol offered specific weekly plans for owners to follow. Additionally, at book’s end, she suggests readers visit her website to view her recommendations for tools to use, such as knives for cutting bones. It would have been much more useful had she included that information in the book.

Regardless, this volume is perfect for dog owners and holistic animal professionals. If you’re interested in exploring a raw food diet for your pet, then this is the book for you.

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