Welcome To My World of Animal Communication and Healing

Maureen Rolls

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In this compelling book, an animal communicator shares how she talks to and heals wild moorland animals, as well as domesticated horses, dogs, and cats.

Maureen Rolls never knew a time when she couldn’t speak to and understand animals; wild and tame, they would approach her fearlessly for help. She also understood early that she was guided by spirits from a higher realm; in later life, Archangel Gabriel appeared to her.

Rolls explains that she communicates through energy: archangels and angels (“the pure energy of God”); auras; and chakras in the third and fifth dimensions. For 40 years, she ran a rescue organization for moorland ponies and now hosts UK animal communication workshops. At the book’s core are stories of a variety of horses, dogs, and cats, as well as their humans, whom she has helped.

Rolls’ book is uplifting. She insists anyone can communicate with animals by “accepting, believing, and trusting.” She shows animals the utmost respect, referring to their owners as “guardians” since animals have free will and choose to live with people, many with whom they have also lived in past lives.

Among the book’s photos is one of Rolls with the Shetland pony Snippet, her “animal spirit guide and animal soulmate” who came to her for healing and, even once released, would gallop to her with a whinny. Rolls conveys each animal’s voice distinctly: the angry horse who’d been abused and told her to “f*** off” but later agreed to forgive and forget; the excitable racehorse with stage fright; a severely debilitated dog plagued by an entity Rolls banished through cleansing; an Irish setter who begged to be allowed to transition from this world after being poisoned.

Rolls’ writing isn’t artful, but it’s utterly authentic, and she makes a convincing, powerful case that animals’ interior worlds are more complex, sensitive, and open to us than we realize. Her slim book will appeal to anyone with an open mind and caring heart.

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