We All Are Connected: A Spiritual Approach Toward Our Personal Growth

Khadije Bazzi

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In this guide to self-reflection and spiritual growth, Khadije Bazzi intermingles teachings from the Koran and Bible to show how we are all connected to God.

Bazzi was born in Lebanon and raised in Beirut. She currently works as a cell systems engineer at General Motors and as an adjunct professor at Central Michigan University. As the title of her work states, she believes we’re all spiritually connected to God, regardless of race or religion.

In this brief guide for spiritual growth, Bazzi teaches that as “we are all swimming in one space and sharing the same earth and air…It has been designed by God so we can all…share our mercy and compassion with one another.” By comparing teachings from the Bible, Koran and other ancient texts, Bazzi attempts to bridge the gap between religions and show how God desires for us to “find the purpose of our essences…increase our spiritual awareness…and enhance our relationships to spread peace and love among us.”

After taking readers on a journey of self-reflection that first focuses on our connection with God and why we are here, she then delves into important areas for personal growth like forgiveness, humility, having a positive mindset, the Power of “I Do Not Know” and more. Bazzi concludes her work with a motivational discussion of extending kindness, peace and love toward others.

Bazzi’s writing is clear and crisp, and her command of religious texts is impressive. She provides scriptural support for nearly every bit of advice. Her impactful decision to teach spiritual lessons through a side-by-side comparison of two of the world’s most widespread religions—Christianity and Islam—further solidifies her argument that we are indeed all connected.

Devout believers of any one religion may find this mingling of texts and ideologies offensive or even blasphemous, but regardless of religious preferences, there are nuggets of truth worth gleaning from Bazzi’s contribution toward global unity and peace.

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