Walking Through Walls and Other Improbabilities

Milton E. Brener

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In his second book concerning UFOs (the first was Our Interplanetary Future, 2009), Milton Brener examines a plethora of evidence in order to hypothesize answers to two questions about the alien presence and alien abduction: Why are they here? And what makes Earth worth the bother for these vastly superior beings (notice the plural here, for Brener suggests that there are several different races of aliens visiting our planet)?

Simply put, he posits that the extra-terrestrials have come for the survival of their races, and, although not unique, Earth is one of few planets that might provide the materials they need. Walking Through Walls provides strong arguments that this could be the case.

Nearly 250 footnotes and a bibliography of over 70 items testify to the thorough research Brener has devoted to his subject. Yet the author combines this scholarly approach with an almost folksy narrative style to make Walking Through Walls a very readable and approachable treatise on the phenomena.
While much of the book’s content comes from other sources, and, as such, may seem unnecessary for hard-nosed UFO buffs, it is likely that the material is brought together for the first time here, which shows how surprisingly similar these previously unconnected UFO reports are. It’s hard to attribute so many similarities to coincidence.

Despite the wealth of evidence Brener offers, there is still no hard proof, and most of the grainy photographs included look as if they could have easily come from 1950s B-movies, which may be a problem for skeptics. This being said, Walking Through Walls and Other Impossibilities is as good as any book on the subject and far more skillfully written than most, including those Brener has referenced most frequently, Bud Hopkins’ Intruders and Philip Corso’s The Day after Roswell.

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