Walking the Narrow Road

Olivia Olajumoke Adamolekun Young

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Looking to offer spiritual guidance and bolster understanding of the Old and New Testaments, Olivia Olajumoke Adamolekun Young presents an inspiring collection of meditations, reflections, and prayers to help readers grow closer to Jesus.

In short chapters, the author covers numerous topics, including forgiveness, resurrection, the consequences of sin, the need for gratitude, compassion for apostates (or those who have fallen away from the faith), the divinity of Jesus Christ, and religious hypocrisy: “Aren’t present-day Christians very much like those Pharisees [of Jesus’s time]? Don’t we ignore the needs of our parents, the poor and our neighbors while donating to dubious projects elsewhere?” These are essential questions to ask, Young contends, especially if someone wants to grow in virtue in their day-to-day life.

Equal parts devotional and Bible study, each chapter begins with a quote from the Bible, Young’s reflection on the quote, and a short prayer to bring Young’s observations and teachings full circle. Occasionally, the author also offer personal insights into her own life. She writes most tenderly of her mother’s passing in 2006, and the vision she received as she mourned: “[S]uddenly heaven came down into that little room. The atmosphere changed and the room elongated and enlarged into a brightly-lit, red-carpeted hall.” God, she attests, gave her an unforgettable, “comforting vision” of her beloved “Mama.”

Young’s approach is warm and welcoming. Although she’s quick to point out humanity’s shortcomings, the book never feels preachy. Her ideas feel fresh and original; her approach is methodical and concise, her prose engaging: “The more focused we are on Jesus Christ, the clearer and more distinct His voice will be among the cacophony of voices we hear in this dark world.” All of this pairs nicely with the author’s passion for her material.

While the devotional market is a crowded one, Young’s work is especially heartfelt and intelligent. Christians, mainly traditional evangelicals and those “born again,” will find much to discern and appreciate here.

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