Walking on Water: A Path to Empowerment

Rea Nolan Martin

Publisher: WiaWaka Press Pages: 170 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9781532728204 Reviewed: June, 2016 Author Website: Visit »

Rea Nolan Martin, known for her Visionary Fiction, wrote this engaging collection of nonfiction essays “to illuminate the path from personal victimhood to self-awareness and enablement…”  The pieces address such topics as faith, suffering, and awareness.

In Essay 2, for example, the author discusses the differences between faith and belief, concluding that “belief is a product of the mind” whereas “faith is a product of the spirit.” Yet the book is not overly abstract. In Essay 18, Martin suggests actions to overcome obstacles where past trauma may have paralyzed present growth (“Seize Authority Over Your Thoughts”;  “Lose the Victimhood”), providing a nice counter-balance to other thought-provoking essays.

Throughout, the author offers ideas worth pondering. Martin, whose teenage son was critically ill, reflects on that season: “Suffering grabs time by the ankles and slows it down, forcing us to stop, stand our ground, look around and take stock.” Her noteworthy take on Internet pornography: “What shows up on the Internet is merely a reflection of what’s already present in our individual and collective consciousness.”

Although the book’s title refers to the biblical story of Jesus and Peter walking on water, Martin doesn’t write from a traditional Christian standpoint. The title serves only as metaphor. “We, too, are called to do great things. Things which may even appear to be impossible,” she writes.  She also notes that “Miracles spring from higher consciousness” and defines prayer as “intention,” which is “focused thought.”    

The author employs a conversational style and effective paragraph “punch”—using a sentence as a paragraph in itself (for example, following a paragraph about recognizing inner turmoil with a two-word line: Get help.”) Language is clear, descriptive, current, and messages are sometimes highlighted with a white-on-black page stating things such as: “Love stands outside of us and within us at the same time.”

Superbly written and thought-provoking, Martin’s book provides a solid springboard for discussion of those everyday circumstances of life that provoke inner contemplation.

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