Walker Sisters True to New York

Marsha and Melisa Walker

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 102 Price: (paperback) $61.99 ISBN: 9781503543393 Reviewed: June, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

In 2015, Marsha and Melisa Walker made a New Year’s resolution to, among other things, “write a book because we wondered if others could relate to our life situations.” Before the year was finished, the 31-year-old twin sisters had written and published Walker Sisters True to New York.

Their autobiography jumps back and forth between the sisters’ move into their first apartment in New York City, losing their jobs and the resulting financial hardship, lessons from their family, their passion for fashion, and their work as home healthcare aides. As such, it lacks an organized narrative that readers can easily follow. Also confusing is the fact that although the book has dual author credits, it’s written in the first person.

Much of the text discusses designers the twins like and celebrities they view as style icons. There are numerous photos of designers’ shop windows, clothing and accessories, and shots of the twins modeling what appears to be their personal wardrobes.

The other major focus is the twins’ work as home healthcare aides. While these tales are enlightening examples of the travails of healthcare workers, they contain intimate details of clients and their families that may provoke reader concern about patient privacy. (For instance, they discuss how a patient, identified by first and last name and the neighborhood she lives in, is mistreated by her husband.)

Another major issue is the text’s many grammar and spelling mistakes. Readers frequently need to reread sentences to comprehend them. Examples include: “Victoria Secret is like the Circus De Soule [sic] of Fashion” and “The way her rap dresses cover’s a woman’s curves, it like no other creation.”

Overall, the Walker twins come across as likeable and relatable, especially to young women, burgeoning fashionistas, New Yorkers and home healthcare workers. But their stories require revision with an eye to tighter focus and sharper grammar in order to reach an enthusiastic audience.

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