Waiting Still: God’s Glance

Marie Stevens

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This small collection of faith-based writings encourages readers to look to God for answers. It features 21 short, free-verse poems, four pieces of flash fiction, and six colorful pastel illustrations by the author in an over-sized softcover format.

Poems and stories relate to general themes of waiting and searching—all reflecting faith that God has a purpose in orchestrating these everyday trials. The poem “A New Beginning Am I Worthy?” observes: “In the morning I trust,/ Evening I wait./ Struggles throughout…/ May God permit my name/ Be written on His hand…” Likewise in the fiction piece “Unrelenting,” a mother and child are separated during a sand storm. “Relieved and thanking God for His help I resumed my search for Mom, no where [sic] to be seen.” Both pieces—and most of the other writings—end with the word “Amen.”

The book becomes more personal as it progresses. Toward the end, four poems address familial roles: “Father,” “Daughter,” “Mom,” and “Son.” The final three poems, “Unrequited,” “Disappointed,” and “Sorrow” express the narrator’s sadness at lost love. “Disappointed” asks: “May God forgive/ My lack of trust In He./ I love Him,/ And now you, too./ Please see me./ When will I be free?”

Although the author’s enthusiasm is evident, the book’s artistry is limited. The simplistic pastel illustrations—mostly landscapes—add little to illuminate the writings, and the poetry and flash fiction are often repetitive in subject matter and word choice. The text offers little fresh or startling imagery, deferring to mostly abstract language that doesn’t resonate emotionally: “Sacrifice/ Shedding of sorrow./ New life…”

Occasional spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors appear throughout. For example: “Visibly shook and thrilled to have made it on time…”; “Thank-you,” and “No where near me.”

Readers who appreciate the kind of spiritual poetry found on greeting cards may enjoy some of the offerings here. Fans of more sophisticated fare, however, will want to look elsewhere.

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