Unveiling 11 Relationship Styles: Secrets Nobody Told You

Ahmad Aljazeeri

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As the creator of a new “dating and friendship app,” author Ahmad Aljazeeri brings both personal passion and extensive research to this book, an inventory of the different ways couples—primarily, romantic companions, but also close platonic friends—build their connections and spend their time together. It also aims to offer “practical advice, tools, and strategies to create more fulfilling and authentic relationships.”

Some of the titular styles refer to couples sharing a commitment to a certain lifestyle, including “Adventurous Bonding” (experiencing ambitious activities together like marathons or climbing); “Culinary Sharing” (structuring mealtimes, outings and vacations around enjoying different cuisines); and “Spiritual Bonding” (experimenting with different religious traditions). Then there’s “Kind Contributions” for do-gooders, “Creative Expression” for the artistically inclined and “Inspirational Support” for those eager to make their mark on the world.

However, “Caring Companionship” and “Empathetic Conversation” don’t sound that unlike each other, and “Intellectual Connection” is defined so broadly as to be rather vague. That said, he doesn’t present the book’s 11 different varieties as rigidly separate from each other, observing that people “often resonate with multiple relationship styles” and that different styles “may overlap with each other.”

And, regardless of how much use readers get out of the relationship-style concept, the text is brimming with ideas, widely sourced and accessibly presented. Aljazeeri provides insights from scientific studies, quotations from famous people and his own hypothetical relationship scenarios, all illustrating the many different ways we have of sharing our lives with each other. He includes both high-flown musings–Balzac’s “Love is the poetry of the senses”–and practical tips, such as lists of possible date spots.

Laudably, the book’s practical reason for being—promoting its author’s forthcoming app, TerriTie—is handled tastefully. Aljazeeri saves his full discussion of the app for the book’s closing section. Here he provides a coupon code, web links and a sample relationship test, but also a thoughtful discussion of the digital age’s distinct relationship challenges.

For readers looking for a soulmate, Aljazeeri’s labor of love might not provide any magic formula, but it offers welcome help and encouragement.

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