Understanding the Secrets to Career Advancement: Through the Eyes of an HR Director

David DiMartile

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In his book, Understanding the Secrets to Career Advancement, David DiMartile, who spent 37 years in the auto industry and specializes in human resources, offers a road map of how to achieve leadership positions in business. Plenty of others have covered this topic. But DiMartile takes the reader to school with lots of basic, solid observations and tips from his almost four decades in the field. He gives step-by-step guidelines about how to assess workplace situations — including one’s own strengths and weaknesses — and how to develop the skills and mindset to move ahead and reach one’s goals.

A lot of this may seem fundamental (for example, he explains the need for self-confidence and listening skills) but how often, and where, is it taught seriously? DiMartile fleshes out his narratives with plenty of real-life examples from the workplace, and often relays the lessons taught. For instance, this gem: “I have worked with many executives who used politics to get to their position. I have generally found that over time these individuals find themselves on their own and are not trusted or respected and have a difficult time getting things done. Executives who got to their positions by their skills, abilities, and achievements are well respected, and people are drawn to them as mentors.”

DiMartile throws us a curveball when he offers career-killing ideas with Chapter 6: “Sixteen Ways to End Your Career.” But this change in direction is just as valuable as the preceding chapters, pointing out what should be obvious but often is missed by the clueless. Among the behaviors to avoid: inability to accept change, lack of attention to detail, lack of dependability, unwillingness to learn and more. The author offers a discussion about each of these, which is his pattern throughout the book.

Bottom line? if you need to be schooled about work, this book can help.

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