Uh-Uh, Daughter, Don’t Even Go There

Minister Patricia S. Hatcher-Jones

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Teen and pre-teen girls make mistakes: bad boyfriends, two-timing friends, unplanned pregnancy, substance abuse, suicide — and always for growing girls, there’s that pesky challenge called sex. For adolescent girls confronting these and other life tests, Minister Patricia S. Hatcher-Jones seeks to show a better path in a brief guide she calls Uh-uh, Daughter, Don’t Even Go There.

Written from a Christian viewpoint as interpreted by Hatcher-Jones, the 56-page booklet offers 10 short chapters to help “you, my little Sista…avoid some pitfalls that could hinder or delay your divine destiny.” Her heartfelt sermons all pivot on the word “don’t” ( “Don’t Allow Makeup to Create a Different You”; “Don’t Let Your Flesh Dictate What You Wear”; “Don’t Let the Voice of Suicide Speak,” and so on.)

To preach these determined lessons, Hatcher-Jones borrows liberally from her own life,–sharing early mistakes with premarital sex, drugs and lousy boyfriends, among other poor choices. Why, she asks herself, “was I indulging in those substances that were creating false comfort zones?” As she put it: “I didn’t like drinking, so why did I drink? I didn’t like smoking cigarettes, so why did I smoke?” Her answers to these and other questions are simplistic but relatable. “I would consume to coat my emotional pain…Many times I consumed just for the heck of it.” To readers, she exhorts: Don’t go there. Turn to God, His word, prayer and the guiding Holy Spirit.

It’s basic and sound advice. But is it effective? Yes and no. Hatcher-Jones’ writing voice is caring and reflective.

For girls familiar with preaching-as-teaching, the booklet–with its Bible scriptures, prayers and discussion questions–will feel familiar and wise. For non-churched girls, however, the author’s style may feel didactic and preachy, more a turn-off than help. Still, to her credit, Hatcher-Jones gives this brief life guide her all. With such passion, if only one girl heeds her sermons, she will make a difference.

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