U Dream, Inc.

Vlado Rahal, Ph.D.

Publisher: Balboa Press Pages: 174 Price: (paperback) $13.99 ISBN: 9798765237212 Reviewed: November, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

Theoretical physicist and ex-atheist Vlado Rahal explores the truth of human existence in U Dream, Inc.

In this compilation of short stories, anecdotes and vignettes, Vlado Rahal attempts to awaken the “dreamers”—you and me—who are clinging to reality as truth. He warns: “You are a victim of illusion and unhappiness if you live your life through things in this world.”

Rahal presents a new piece in every chapter, written in a style that ranges from science fiction and philosophy to ancient lore, fairytales, mythology and more. His aim seems to be to teach readers a new philosophy of our existence: “We are one immortal Self, created by love…This is the truth of what and who we are.”

Rahal creates fantastic scenes that often serve as dark analogies to our lives. For example, he likens our existence to living in hell—“a pit of fear…of sickness…pain…death” where we see “bodies being gored; bodies roasting…drowning…” His observations leave a bleak view of life and the afterlife.

The author’s pieces are certainly intriguing, but while they sometimes include short introductions, these do little to guide readers through the deep, existential topics and often-disorienting stories. Readers will struggle to understand how the pieces fit together as a whole.

In the About the Author section at the end, we discover that Rahal had experiences that led him to denounce nearly 20 years of atheism, gave him “a new interpretation of reality,” and birthed his book. Incorporating these personal stories would have provided the book a much-needed structure and a tangible life example that readers could more easily understand. Unfortunately, Rahal never mentions his personal experiences, atheism, or the transformation of his belief system in any of his narratives.

Ultimately, with so many seemingly disconnected stories, the book leaves readers feeling lost on a sea of strange inferences and possibly overwhelmed by a bleak outlook on life.

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