Two Years Journey, the Rise from Leukemia and Aneurysm to the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Derrick R. Harding

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In Two Years Journey, the Rise from Leukemia and Aneurysm to the Opportunity of a Lifetime, Derrick R. Harding describes his diagnosis and treatment for two major health crises, as well as the ways his faith helped him hold fast to hope.

Harding was at church when he saw a man who looked unwell and offered to pray for him. In return, the man told him that the Holy Spirit advised him to pray for Harding’s bone marrow.  The next day, the author was diagnosed with leukemia. During his hospitalization, he fell and suffered an aneurysm that required surgery to treat, as well as a stem cell transplant from his brother who, at 72, is one of the oldest donors on record (Harding was 67 at the time of the transplant).

While the author undergoes treatment, he and his wife sing and pray together, and he continually refers to God’s role in his life, peppering the story with Bible verses. Thankfully, Harding survives his transplant, is discharged and slowly begins his life again, including a return to his teaching career.

While there are snippets of research included in the text, Harding has a penchant for hyperbole that can muddy the waters as to what’s true or not. For example: “My cerebral function, ignited by high octane, captured crystal clear messages from my spinal cord and other parts of my brain and sensory system and propelled me into my morning’s action.” 

His writing is also often awkward and unclear, as in: “Blood works, [sic] must be viewed in a more profound way and applied in the decisive function that it must play.” And there are sporadic misspellings, punctuation errors and fragmented sentences. Such stylistic issues often make for challenging reading.

Although it’s uplifting to learn that the author lived through his terrible ordeal, the story needs editing and proofreading before it is ready for an audience.

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