Trust No One: A Conor Thorn Novel

Glenn Dyer

Publisher: TMR Press Pages: 384 Price: (paperback) $15.99 ISBN: 9798988796114 Reviewed: December, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In Trust No One, Glenn Dyer continues his character-rich, atmospheric series about WWII spies Conor Thorn and Emily Bright-Thorn. This installment recounts a race against time enveloping the newly married agents during the French resistance in Vichy-era France, a secret documents’ cache that could derail the Allied war effort, and a series of dramatic confrontations.

Our heroes are down and out when the countdown begins. Conor, fired from the OSS after the events of The Unquiet Genius, is moody and drunk in Algiers. A barroom brawl earns him a concussion that dogs him. Meanwhile, Emily loses her position at MI6 for the same reason, by order of Winston Churchill.

Salvation comes via an off-the-books assignment. Drawing upon real-life events, the plot kicks in just after the December 1942 assassination of Jean François Darlan, a French admiral, High Commissioner of France for North and West Africa, and one of France’s most notorious traitors. It has come to the Allies’ attention that the French Resistance wing that did the killing has hidden its records, including all the details about who helped. A furious General Eisenhower, who appointed Darlan while seeking to stabilize France after the Allied invasion, is threatening to resign if either American or British spooks were involved. The Thorns have ten days to prevent that from happening.

As the story unfolds, Conor and Emily infiltrate the French State. The story also follows an antisemitic doctor whose mother is secretly helping Jews; the patriotic owner of a brothel; and a villainous Nazi pursuing our heroes.

With a story nestled comfortably in real-life history and featuring a satisfying mix of authentic spy craft, cinematic set pieces and complex characters, Dyer’s latest succeeds as both a standalone and a compelling installment of the series. A well-crafted tale of partisans and intrigue, Trust No One marinates readers in an era where allegiances are uncertain and the line between friend and foe is blurred as often as it’s broken.

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