Tragic Investment: How Race Sabotages Communities and Jeopardizes America’s Future—and What We Can Do about It

R. James Addington

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R. James Addington minces no words in his book Tragic Investment: All of America is built on racism, he posits, arguing that America has “intentionally invested in racial oppression” to benefit whites.

Addington’s timing is perfect, as a national and passionate debate about white supremacy is reaching a crescendo. The author draws upon his extensive expertise as an antiracism organizer and trainer to build his case, citing copious studies and personal stories. An impressive bibliography and detailed index add to the book’s credibility.

The author notes that racism is a “core organizing force of community life in our history.” Unless the nation sheds its malevolent investment in “white supremacy,” America’s very “survival is on the table.” He urges the country to follow a path of “fundamental change” to “undo, deconstruct or dismantle” white supremacy from our individual and collective lives.

He also insists that federal programs are a sham. White Americans not only allow impoverished communities to exist; white Americans benefit by intentionally working to ensure their continuation, he argues. This “collective mendacity” is accomplished by making sure that school lunch, pre-school health care and other anti-poverty programs are underfunded, thus guaranteeing their failure. America’s salvation requires a sincere apology for racism and “recompense” that is not “simply about paying money,” but necessitates a commitment to the complete progressive agenda.

The author’s writing is solid and his arguments easy to follow. Readers whose ideology reflects Addington’s will find herein plenty of ammunition to support their beliefs. Those who are struggling to understand the view gathering currency that white Americans are racist, whether overtly or unwittingly, will find the book controversial and grounds for serious debate.

Undoubtedly, many readers will dismiss these ideas, especially at a time when political discourse has turned so vitriolic. But they are urged to read Tragic Investment to better fathom and respond to this growing view of racism in today’s society.

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