To Catch a Rainbow

Christine Bionaz, illustrated by Blair Bracken

Publisher: Paper Bytes Marketing Pages: 30 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9781955205016 Reviewed: May, 2021 Author Website: Visit »

To Catch a Rainbow, a whimsical tale about a girl who chases a rainbow and ends up catching it, gives young readers a wholesome lesson about spreading love and kindness.

Caught in a storm on her way home from school, Olivia rushes to her room to watch it rage. When the rain clears, a rainbow emerges, and Olivia decides to see if she can find its end. She reaches a beautiful forest and stumbles on a man in colorful clothes who says that he is the rainbow. When she takes his hand, the world becomes more vibrant.

He takes her to a castle filled with other brightly dressed people, where she learns that the magic of the rainbow comes from spreading love. When she returns home, she reflects on how much she loves her parents and vows to share love with the world to create more rainbows.

Olivia, a doggedly optimistic protagonist who chases her dreams, even when they seem unreasonable, is a good role model for children. Her interest in finding the rainbow’s end and her excitement when she does are relatable and tap into the wonder people find in nature’s beauty.

Still, the picture book suffers from several flaws. The illustrations, while serviceable, are too amateurish to evoke the awe the text discusses. A more assured, boldly creative artistic approach would have elevated the overall package. Additionally, the book’s message seems unfocused: Is the story about pursuing your dreams? Or is it about the importance of spreading love? By touching on both issues, the author dilutes the narrative’s impact.

Finally, while the writing is straightforward enough for young readers, the length feels less appropriate to a picture book than to an early chapter book.

While some children might enjoy the conceit of chasing a rainbow, revision to address the narrative issues mentioned and stronger artwork would greatly enhance this offering.

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