Timer Diet

Sherri Sue Fisher

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Diet books can be preachy and discouraging in pushing grueling rules and restrictions toward the goal of losing weight. Sherri Sue Fisher’s well-structured Timer Diet instead offers simpler ideas for dropping pounds by learning to listen to your body to determine what it needs.

The author lays out her plan after first insisting that dieters start with a complete doctor’s physical and blood work. She then explains the need for balancing one’s portions of dietary fat, carbohydrates and protein at every meal, which should be eaten every two to four hours (she calls them “mini-meals”). She also promotes daily exercise and a good night’s sleep.

Unlike other diet plans, hers instructs readers not to count calories or measure the quantity of food eaten. She wants dieters only to eat to the point where they are “comfortable” and no more. Daily journals logging the nutritional foods consumed and exercises completed also are key, and Fisher references her website, where readers can print out pages for this task.

Other book sections cover wardrobe, fridge and pantry makeover needs, and advice (some obvious) on necessary kitchen utensils, pots and pans. Also included are helpful menu-planning ideas, workout techniques, and how to eat and exercise while at conventions, on vacation or during holidays.

Fisher’s diet book, written in a personable and friendly manner, offers direction without being overwhelming. However, the author cites nothing in the way of personal credentials in the field, other than having tried and failed at many other diets. Neither does she cite outside experts to support comments that are debatable, such as not needing to be concerned with dietary fiber.

While the text lacks medical documentation, it does offer doable and encouraging ideas. Overall, the book is clear and informative and worth a look by those in relatively good health who need to lose weight.

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