Third Librarian Detective Series

Bobby Cinema

Publisher: Aspire Publishing Hub Pages: 206 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9781960758408 Reviewed: July, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

A family of Indian eye doctors fights for their adopted nation across two generations in these two, loosely linked action-thriller stories.

Readers may be puzzled by the misleading title¬—neither of the storylines involves librarians. What follows is a mostly run-of-the-mill military thriller overstuffed with outlandish heroics and the over-the-top action of a summer movie.

After an introduction lays groundwork, author Bobby Cinema introduces Sai Chavala as he memorializes his brave, misunderstood father, Dr. Sudarsan Chavala. In ensuing chapters, we uncover Sudarson’s double life as both Army-trained optometrist and Green Beret, whose unit heroically rescues some nuns from an evil antagonist during the Vietnam War. Adding to his father’s exploits, Sai¬—also a CIA field agent and working optometrist—shares the story of their last mission together to infiltrate a heavily armed compound and prevent a chemical attack on U.S. soil.

The book’s second half pivots to President Robert “Bobby” Chavala¬—Sudarsan’s brother¬—who parlays his fame as a bestselling author into his role as vice president. When the president is gunned down, Chavala enlists former Green Beret Laura Wilkins to assemble a team of outsiders, including a pair of mismatched LAPD cops and a secret service agent, to unravel a plot involving stolen military weapons.

Clearly fascinated with the military and its accoutrements, Cinema often attacks the narrative like a kid at play, gleefully describing every piece of hardware and combat encounter. This will likely deter some readers, as will grammatical errors and inconsistent characterization.

Despite its implausible scenarios, however, the book has some strengths. The camaraderie between characters and high-stakes international tension, along with well-staggered cinematic set pieces, all help keep the pages turning.

For those willing to suspend disbelief, the book’s unlikely situations and pyrotechnics may prove entertaining.

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