There is Not More of a Wonder…Than a Firefly’s Playful Flickering in a Child’s Cupped Hands

Thomas Paul Fondy

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The poems, micro-essays, and photographs in There Is Not More of Wonder… seek to accomplish three feats, broadly: to recount the full story of the author’s life; to honor in great detail friends and family members who have died; and to advocate in earnest for the spiritual solidarity of all humankind following such historical atrocities as the Second World War, the Vietnam War, and September 11th.

Unconventional in size (8-1/2” x 11”) and structure, the book reads as an intimate and overstuffed scrapbook of collected artifacts from the author’s life history. Each section begins with an essay that introduces people and events soon to appear in the subsequent poems and photographs. The essays tend to inundate the reader with personal and historical information (one notable example of this is “Where ‘God Talks’ Came From”), and the poems that follow are stocked with clichéd images and generalizations. A representative stanza from “The Breath of Galaxies” reads: “We are all joined from the dust of heaven,/ Borne on the Cosmic Breeze./ We raise our chorus to the cradle of life,/ Set our music upon Starry Seas.”

The experience of reading this book is overwhelming—a saturation of names, faces, events, and locations. The author’s substantial historical knowledge comes through, however, especially in selections like “Thoughts on Our Millennium Ending,” as does his spirit of good will, typified by a poem such as “Memories in the Evening,” which begins, “How wonderful is our shared soul,/ Each person’s memory linked to a myriad others,/ Here and gone.”

The book reads as if the author did not impose any restrictions upon content, form, or style. The end result is a manuscript that is dense and unwieldy, of great sentimental significance for the author and surely his friends and family, but unlikely to appeal to a wider audience.

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