There Are No Bounds

Wally Noel

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There Are No Bounds is an autobiography written by high school dropout turned multimillionaire businessman and entrepreneur Wally Noel.

In these pages, Noel describes a difficult childhood in which he and his sister are farmed out to the homes of various relatives and foster homes, depending upon the ebb and flow of their parents’ alcoholism. Eventually, he and his sister are separated, never to find one another again.

He escapes, as many young men with dysfunctional upbringings do, to the military, where he learns skills and gains self-confidence. By the time he is 21 years old, he is a husband and father, determined to provide for his family in a way that his parents never did. Noel tries a series of jobs, largely focused on sales, and his surprising early success will cause sympathetic readers to cheer.

Noel’s autobiography takes us through the ups and downs of his career (mostly ups, but a few stunning reversals) as he begins wheeling and dealing, buying and selling businesses ranging from restaurants to ranches and even a cemetery. Business-oriented readers will appreciate the succinct bits of business advice sprinkled throughout the book, such as: “The art of making a deal is quite simple. In a deal, everyone wants something; you just have to figure out what the other side might want. When you figure that out, you’ve got a deal.”

It’s easy to admire the author as he tells his personal rags-to-riches story. As the book progresses, though, the tone becomes increasingly self-congratulatory, which may not sit well with some readers. The story evolves from an autobiography sharing good and bad experiences to a less engaging list of accomplishments.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue the point that Noel is a self-made man, an embodiment of the American Dream. His story should hold appeal for readers looking for inspiration along those lines.

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