The Young Samaritan

J. Schuyler Sprowles

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This story—based on a little-known character in the Bible’s book of Mark who is following Jesus at the time he is arrested—focuses on a fictional Samaritan character named Joshua.

Young Joshua is forced to leave his home when his evil stepfather threatens his life. He ends up staying with an unfamiliar uncle who lives “just a stone’s throw away from the heavily traveled Jerusalem Road.” There, he meets various travelers, including Jesus and his disciples. The story then recounts Joshua’s journey with this group until the day Jesus is arrested.

By depicting the disciples and Jesus through the eyes of young Joshua, author J. Schuyler Sprowles provides a fascinating perspective on the Messiah’s earthly life. Sprowles presents the hardships of finding food and water while traveling, the delight of listening to Jesus’s parables around a fire, and the fear that is sparked in Joshua upon hearing rumors that people want to kill the man he’s following.

Although the book bogs down with too much dialogue at times, the author does a skilled job of developing interest by offering fresh angles to well-known biblical events: for example, instead of seemingly perfect disciples in this telling, one of them causes disruption by not wanting the Samaritan, Joshua, to join their group (many Jews of that time disliked Samaritans). And before Jesus miraculously feeds a crowd of thousands, as told in the Bible, the author describes the fear one might feel when facing a throng of people who are angry due to hunger.

This book is mostly geared to Christian readers, who will appreciate that the author footnotes events in the story that are based directly on the Bible. They will also be intrigued by how Joshua and his uncle grow in confidence and faith from their interactions with Jesus.

In all, religious readers interested in an unusual perspective on the life of Jesus will find this an engaging offering.

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