The World Without End

Prince Yosef II

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The World Without End falls under a long tradition of visionary and eschatological writings that date back thousands of years–writings that, in essence, hope to set readers straight about the nature of God and warn of impending doom if society doesn’t take heed. “This manuscript is written with the strong inspiration from the MOST HIGH WHO has yielded this knowledge and wisdom to me and let it be known to you, the readers,” author Prince Yosef II writes. “Even though this manuscript will cause many to go into denial, it will be, I believe, for many an eye-opener that will be inspiring.”

Yosef, born Bobby Garrett in 1939, set fire to the curtains in his parent’s kitchen in Harlem, New York at the age of seven. Everyone survived, but the event left an indelible mark on the boy. He began having dreams of God, and what followed were years of spiritual searching. After moving from one Christian religion to another, he found his true calling as a Hebrew Israelite–a group that believes its members (ranging in number from 25,000 to 200,000 in the U.S.) are direct descendents of the ancient Israelites, and hence, God’s true chosen people. “Today the World is truly confused about Salvation and Heaven,” he writes. Satan, he postulates, has infiltrated all sectors of life, and in order to be saved from this influence, Jews, Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims and Gentiles from all walks of life must look to the Hebrew Israelites–who have been granted direct communication with God–for leadership.

The author is an emboldened stylist, but his writings are in need of copyediting. In addition, as he states early in his book, what he proposes can be difficult for non-believers to digest. Most mainstream readers, including Jews and Christians, will be put off by his aggressive and pointed exegesis.

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