The Unity in the Universe

Vassil Manev

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Many of the most popular theories in science are held up to the microscope — and found lacking — in Vassil Manev’s provocative, if controversial, memoir.

“I start chapter 1 with a hammer because I want to smash the old way of thinking with this work,” Manev writes. And smash it, he does. Among the many smithereens in the fallout: contemporary theories of aerodynamics, quantum mechanics, methods of space travel, and the theory of the God particle. Using one mathematical equation after another, Manev sets out to disprove established theories and to put forth his own models for scientific principles, offering, for example, his take on why teleportation is possible and how the authorities are hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life from us.

Almost every page is peppered with complex mathematical equations. Manev acknowledges the many “formulas,” telling readers “you can skip them. You will understand everything even without them.” Despite such encouragement, this is an intimidating volume. Additionally, although the material is well organized, it offers only a slim list of references at the end of each chapter, one that often cites obscure materials from the author’s native Bulgaria.

The harsh criticisms the author levels against the scientific community won’t win him many fans either. He notes that “conventional scientists” will “hunt down the mistakes they will notice and will reject the whole theory” and alleges that when these professionals “read something that contradicts conventional science they turn it down without any attempt at understanding it.” He cites instances where traditional scientists found his work wanting, but attributes this to their lack of knowledge or closed-mindedness.

The book’s subtitle might be “Theory of Reality,” but while this is certainly the work of someone who thinks deeply and questions everything, most will find the material to be a radically altered version of reality as they know it. Fodder for thought, maybe, and certainly for heated debate among those willing to stick with the dense, thinly sourced material.

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