The Ultimate Prayer Room Warrior: God’s Power on Display

Pastor Simeon Dixon

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Pastor Simeon Dixon shares highlights from a lifetime of miraculous experiences and encourages Christian readers to seek personal relationships with God through prayer, Bible study and fasting.

Dixon grew up in a large farming family in Jamaica. As a boy, he marveled as his mother’s prayers worked miraculous healings among him and his siblings. For example, at nine, Dixon was diagnosed with shingles and given “absolutely no hope” for recovery.” As Dixon’s mother prayed, “her prayers became intense and consistent” until the lesions stopped growing and Dixon recovered. Such experiences spurred Dixon to personally know God and learn to pray with divine power.

Today, Dixon pastors a church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He penned this book to share how he brought victory and healing into his own life when facing impossible circumstances, such as narrowly escaping a bus riot, and surviving eating poisoned food and food laced with glass splinters. Dixon admonishes readers that “only God could divinely heal and deliver [him] from such danger.”

Beautifully written and amply backed by Scripture, Dixon compels readers with his unwavering devotion to following God’s will. His book begins without a formal introduction, diving immediately into a discussion of the correlation between mothers and the church, and then using his mother as an example of how the church should approach and worship God.

His reverence for his mother, and later his wife, casts them in almost saintly light, which may leave some feeling that such deep spirituality is perhaps unobtainable by ordinary people. Another minor issue is that the back of the book confuses readers by noting that this is “a work of religious fiction.”

Regardless, Dixon’s portrayal of himself is relatable, and his clear, concise writing style is refreshing. The glimpse he offers into Jamaican life adds unique flavor and interest to his stories.

His life story will surely inspire Christian audiences to develop their personal relationships with God to make better decisions and triumph over difficulty.

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