The Type A Trap: Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life

Erin Stafford

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Everyone, whether high-achiever or everyday worker, is susceptible to burnout. Ignoring the signs of this condition, writes author Erin Stafford, can invite depression and other serious illnesses. In The Type A Trap, the author offers mindset shifts to reinvigorate oneself and prevent burnout from reoccurring.

The telltale signs of burnout include depleted energy levels, detachment from friends and family and reduced efficiency at work. Here, Stafford offers five mindset shift strategies to combat the situation, based on her research on a range of entrepreneurs, athletes and other high-achieving people who have themselves suffered burnout. Distilling their collective wisdom into habits that everyone can practice, she advises: intentionally choosing how to spend one’s time; relinquishing control of activities best done by others; pivoting one’s focus away from relationships and activities that don’t serve one’s interests; slowing down to refresh one’s spirit; and celebrating successes.

To reinforce these suggestions, Stafford includes “Trap Talk” sidebars where high achievers talk about lessons they have learned, such as keynote speaker Ben Nemtin and attorney Danielle Noble, who discuss the importance of listening to one’s inner voice. Stafford also offers a litmus test—her “Burnout Assessment”—to help readers gauge where they might be vulnerable to burnout in their work, relationships, health, finances, faith/spirituality and more.

Stafford’s voice is confident, and she shares instructive personal anecdotes of her experiences with burnout. Those who have read other books about overcoming the destructive malady will be familiar with the broad strokes of her strategies (“let go of perfectionism,” etc.), but her detailed discussions of how to accomplish these goals are valuable.

In sum, those already tuned into this topic will find The Type A Trap a useful refresher course, and newbies to the subject will discover thoughtful, practical advice on how to keep burnout at bay.

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