The Trustworthy God

Pat Eastwell

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Pat Eastwell shares personal stories recounting nearly 60 years of her life as a Christian, to encourage others in their faith.

As a teenager, Eastwell recited the “sinner’s prayer” at an evangelist’s meeting, giving control of her life to Jesus Christ. It was “a will choice, rather than an emotional one…the fruit being that [she] immediately stopped swearing.” In time, she discovered her calling in praying for others and experienced God’s hand at work in her life in miraculous ways.

Full of Biblical references, with a prayer at each chapter’s end, this brief memoir explores topics like salvation, spiritual warfare, repentance, and healing, all through the lens of Eastwell’s life experiences. A chapter dedicated to her failures is especially refreshing as it helps readers connect with her. Eastwell shows that no one is perfect and that mistakes bring maturity if you learn from them.

Eastwell’s desire to help others “have more revelation of [God’s] character” may have been more successful had she expounded on topics rather than rushed through them. For example, the chapter on pride is little more than a list of Bible verses for readers to look up. Reprinting the actual verses and adding commentary on each would add value to the book.

At under 100 pages, Eastwell’s book could also have added space for more detail about her family life. She abruptly mentions that she was “put through a divorce” but never discusses it, and the fact that she has children is mentioned only in passing over halfway through the book. These oversights give the narrative a hurried feel and the impression that her home life was somehow separate from her Christian experience.

Additionally, American readers may not understand some of Eastwell’s British terminology like “jammy devil” or “twee,” and grammatical errors are sprinkled throughout.

Eastwell’s contribution is only a cursory overview of her Christian walk and revelations. Still, Christian readers may find her stories inspiring for their own journeys.

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