The Three Layers of a Moment: The Pioneer Ranch Saga, Book Three

Samar Reine

Publisher: Carmel-by-the-Sea Publisherss Pages: 340 Price: (paperback) $17.99 ISBN: 9798988411024 Reviewed: April, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

This third book in Samar Reine’s Pioneer Ranch Saga series follows the journey of former showjumper and veterinarian Bryce, who is facing an existential crisis stemming from her turbulent marriage, precarious animal rescue business, and deteriorating ranch.

The installment opens with the death of Bryce’s husband’s grandfather. Bryce’s adopted brother, a seer, intuits Bryce’s grief and advises her to visit him in Colorado for a peyote healing ceremony to find clarity.

The ceremony reveals Bryce’s turbulent history with her late brother, who abused her during their upbringing. Upon her return to her New Mexico ranch, Bryce encounters Braxton, her late brother’s son, stirring up old wounds. Things are further complicated by her husband William’s confession of an affair and his wish to shutter their underfunded animal sanctuary.

Despite William’s affair, the pair venture to Dubai to purchase agricultural technology from a sheik, which could salvage the ranch, which has been rendered nearly useless due to a lack of water. During her visit with the sheik, Bryce meets and captivates Zayd, the sheik’s son, who pursues her despite her marital status, prompting Bryce to question if she’d forsaken her own needs for far too long.

The story depicts Bryce’s emotional voyage toward healing familial and marital wounds and rediscovering herself. Throughout, Bryce is a relatable character who mirrors real-life experiences. Readers will also be captivated by the evocative depictions of Native American culture, particularly evident in healing ceremonies.

Some readers, however, might feel that the love triangle between Bryce, William, and Zayd stretches on longer than necessary. Although Bryce pledges allegiance to her husband, she accepts gifts from Zayd, including the horse he gifted her before their departure from Dubai; her failure to deflect his advances creates confusion for William and Zayd and fuels needless drama.

Nonetheless, readers will eagerly cheer for a satisfying conclusion, which Reine skillfully delivers.

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